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Holy Chardonnay!

You can now fill your long-stemmed glass with absolute class; Julie Newmar wine.

It's purrr-fect for relaxing during a "Batman" re-run. Sip enough and the lady across from you may turn into "Stupefyin' Jones." Sitting alone with a shapely bottle, and you may envision you're quenching with the wench of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," delightful Dorcas.

Whatever your favorite Julie role, this wine could take you to "The Twilight Zone," or on a "Star Trek," or simply thinking, "Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar!"

It's a win-wine situation.

The wine has a bit of everything, including "a silky texture - with rich pear, lemon cream and honeyed flavors - that linger in a long leggy finish."

A truly fine vintage needs to age a while, and the idea for this exquisite wine fermented in the mind of John Newmeyer for many decades. John, of course is Julie's big brother. He's the grower behind Heron Lake Winery, and along with David Mahafee (officially "the vintner") they've created something that brings out the ecstatic or the erotic, and either a feeling of warmth or a fit of the giggles (or both).

What else could you want? Well, maybe someone in Colorado will come up with Marijuana-go-Round Brownies, to honor Julie's Tony-award winning Broadway role as Katrin. But for now, you'll have to figure out your own snack to eat while being merry with Julie Newmar wine:


Julie Comes to Comikaze - November 1st

Saturday, Nov 1st, Julie will be at Stan Lee's Comikaze.

It's being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center

1201 South Figueroa Street.

Bat-fans will also be able to meet and greet Adam West and Burt Ward.

Among the other "vintage" stars: Howie Mandel, James Hong, Edward James Olmos, and no doubt pretty tired from Halloween promotions, "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" (aka Cassandra Peterson).

Meet and Greet in S.F. - $75

They call her "Mz" Julie Newmar in San Francisco. And at the California Independent Film Festival at the Castro Theatre after dragging out a copy of the campy classic "To Wong Foo..." Julie will be honored with a "Lifetime Achievement Award."

The Forkers have set up a two-tiered pricing:

"Award ceremony + movie $20. Award ceremony + movie + meet and greet with Mz. Newmar at the Fork Cafe before the show $75." Friday September 12 9pm at: Fork Cafe 469 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

The fans in S.F. are always keeping it classy.

Julie, Adam and Burt at COMIC CON 2014

Thanks Warners, for finally releasing "Batman 1966," and promoting it so well at COMIC CON 2014.

There was an hour-long press conference about this momentous event...which not only features Blu-Ray discs but all kinds of books, toys and extras in the package.

There was, of course, time for some genial fun. Someone asked Adam about all the guest villains, and he instantly pointed to Julie as his favorite. He added, "There was a sexual tension between Catwoman and Batman…we did the show on several levels."

And how did Julie feel about Adam? "Drop dead gorgeous!" she said, to great laughter and applause, "...and he had great lips!"

Julie promotes the BATMAN DVD-Set at Comic-Con July 24th!

Yes, citizens, "Batman" 1966 is coming to DVD-Blu Ray in Novemeber.

To whet your appetite, Julie, Adam and Burt will be at Comic-Con in San Diego to appear on a panel and discuss this...ZAP! POW! news.

The Bat Time is 6-7pm and the Bat Place is "Hall H" at Comic-Con.

New Icons of the Icon

Julie might be modest about the term "icon," as related to her personally, but lately, there's been a lot of iconography on the '66 Catwoman!

There are a half-dozen statuette/action figures on eBay, and a new, authorized big of Catwoman art from Ken Taylor. Some fans were wondering about this item (no Batman, no Robin, no other villain as yet...no hologram in the corner or on the back as authorized art or signed pictures often have...no neatly printed "licensed by Warners/DC Comics"..) but it IS another icon.

Icon means: "a religious work of art," and really, is there that much difference between a plastic statue of Jesus on the dashboard, and a dashing Catwoman-in-Action statue perched on the night stand? In essence, the goal is the same: to celebrate and draw comfort. Mr. Lennon got into trouble for saying The Beatles were bigger than Jesus, but at the time, young fans were indeed viewing the Fab Four as rock gods, and finding in the lyrics some useful advice on how to get along in this world and the importance of love.

So here we have Catwoman icons to put on the wall, stick on a shelf...reminders of fun, free spirit, and ideal beauty. Many love the Catwoman costume no matter who is in it, but the important thing is to fit into it, so this particular part of the icon is a totem for exercise. While Julie's proportions are special, most any woman can at least fit into the suit for Halloween if the Catwoman icon is on display...perhaps a poster on the fridge door!

The Ken Taylor poster, by the way, is 24x36 and as is typical with comic-con type collectibles, available in some "variants," and there's a limited edition signed (by Taylor) version.

Zone out with JULIE in ARIZONA

Arizona will be a little hotter, June 5-June 8th.

Julie will be joining the dynamic duo of Adam West and Burt Ward at the Phoenix Comic Con. For more information go to: www.phoenixcomicon.com

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